Friday, July 09, 2004

Narrow Perspective

Losing perspective is being stuck in one single view of things and becoming distant from other views.

Imagine yourself stuck in a cable car or a ski lift somewhere halfway up a mountain. While the cable car is moving, you can see the whole world for miles around. Everything is beautiful and you are in control. But when you are locked in place, suddenly the world seems to narrow in on you. Not only are you stuck, but you are also afraid and, quite frankly, unable to think clearly.

Fear and limitation are both the result of a limited perspective.

So, avoid both by always reaching out with your mind.


Unknown said...

Re: from your reply to my Comment about new blogs over at Tobias' blog:

It's the ozone hole. No, wait! That's closing. It's the political rhetoric from an election year!

Norilana said...

Hey, trying to be non-denominational here. :-)