Friday, July 23, 2004

Giving of Yourself

They say, "Give of yourself."

Who are they? Well, most everyone, it seems. This notion has become ingrained in many of our human societies -- a mixture of religious, moral, ethical, humanistic, and humanitarian sentiment.

And what does it mean, to give of yourself? Besides, why should you?

Maybe, just possibly, we are all made of the same thing. No matter how "good" or "bad," worthy or unworthy, it is the same living matter, the same building blocks, the same energy.

So when we give of ourselves, we simply add a little bit of this common "self" to the other person who might be in need of a little self-boost.

How do we do this? By communicating.

The neat trick is, no matter how many of our bits and pieces we dole out, we still end up complete and whole. We lose nothing.

Makes it very easy to be generous.

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