Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fear and Frugality

Fear and Frugality go hand in hand.

Notwithstanding one's means, poor or rich, it's those of us who are most afraid that hold on the tightest to their savings.

It's a risk to give, and an act of courage to thin down or even part with that external layer of material safety padding, by sharing it with others.

This holiday season, remember to make a personal sacrifice. Because you will almost certainly need help one day and then you can hope with all your heart there is someone out there brave enough to help you.

Be that brave someone now, for a friend in need.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spark of Insight

All the verbal pyrotechnics of poetry in the world do not measure up to one spark of insight.

Yet, insight framed by beauty flares from a spark to the brightest beacon of light.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Different Kind of Faith

Despite what you may have been told, faith does not constitute a belief in a Deity.

Faith is believing in your own hunches, your instinct, your true gut. Because no abstract disconnected notion of Deity "out there" tells you more about truth and the way things are than that small voice inside of you that cries out to you, nags to you, whispers to you when you make any given choice -- good bad, or indifferent.

Trust and listen to it. It is never wrong. What is that voice anyway?

However, be careful that you don't get "radio interference" from all other things stuck inside your head -- hangups, biases, needs and desires. The voice of true faith is clean and impartial.

And it is always right.