Thursday, May 26, 2005

Evolving Love

With years, my need for love has changed.

I no longer yearn for the lover but for the saint. I am not drawn to beauty, but to kindness. I desire not sensuality but warmth.

My passion has become a passion for wisdom.

Friday, May 06, 2005

It Matters

It may seem as though whatever you do in your life does not matter on the great universal scale.

But in truth, you and I, we don’t live on a universal scale -- gods do.

And because we live and create on a small relative human scale, surrounded by things that are tiny and yet profound to us, they, the tiny things, do matter -- to us.

As they should.

All we are expected to do is try to achieve the greatest thing to which we can aspire on our own relatively tiny scale. We may exist in a fishbowl, but if we can imbue our small fishbowl with glory and wonder until it is full to the brim, then we have not lived in vain, since it takes an infinite number of the fishbowls to build up the universe.

It is good indeed that all things are relative, because this way we can strive at the level of our own kind, not more not less. It is only when we consider beyond our fishbowl that we may be thrown off kilter and begin to doubt ourselves and our purpose.

When such a thing happens, we must stop, take a deep breath, and again find our own true place, and ignore the grandness, the infinity of the universal scale all around us that may seem a mockery of our tiny selves. It is not -- it only seems that way to us because we are looking in a manner in which we should not be.

And as we take the grounding breath and resume our pursuits, we return to live to the utmost on our own scale.

An ant is not expected to move a mountain; an ant has no concept of a mountain, and no need to consider a mountain as a whole. And yet, an ant, which does not intend to move a mountain -- by moving tiny individual grains -- does.