Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Getting Caught Up In Relativity

Don't get caught up in relativity.

It is easy to start comparing yourself, your situation, your everything -- to others. All it takes is an aware, thoughtful mind, and down you go into that pit of relativistic despair.

However, our ruminations and cross-comparisons can lead to false insights -- a bottoming spiral of emotional dissatisfaction with ourselves -- simply because the more we seem to know, realize, and compare, the more we forget that there are just as many other things we are not taking into account.

Indeed, all relative comparisons, all relativity, is itself relative.

The only perfect assessment can come from a "perfect" viewpoint outside any and all relative points of the universe.

All you and I can do is periodically remind ourselves of this and try to keep our relativity-based self-criticism under check.

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