Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Seems like one of the most underrated emotional states in our society is excitement.

When you are genuinely excited, people either think you are being silly or overly emotional. Excitement is considered to be a shallow emotional state -- the stuff of rollercoaster rides and summer blockbuster action movies, of ephemeral low-brow entertainment such as "tacky" genre fiction, and Las Vegas strip neon signs.

Common perception has it that nothing serious or profoundly significant is ever achieved as a result of simple childish excitement and exuberance.

And yet, this is such a horrible fallacy.

Far from being an immature response, excitement is what drives the will to achieve. It is what elevates your emotional energy levels to the point which is necessary for creativity, and hence, for action.

Without excitement, no artist would paint, no writer would put down words on the page, no musician would play.

Without excitement, no scientist would pursue a track of thought, no athlete would struggle to compete, no businessman would succeed in their financial field.

Excitement carries us over the threshold of bland mechanical activity into the realm of directed, energized movement with a purpose.

Never underestimate the power of excitement over your life.

Feel it right now!

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