Monday, September 20, 2004

Changing the World

Do you feel powerless to change the world?

After all, you an I are but a tiny cell in a huge cosmic body, an insignificant speck in a universe that stretches outward beyond all human scale. What can you or I do to affect the universe?

And yet…

All it takes is for one cell to become malignant with cancer, and the whole body is brought down and dies.

All it takes is for one cell to exhibit a beneficial mutation, and the whole body benefits and is eventually transformed into a new, better equipped species.

Such are the two extremes illustrating the power of the individual.

And yet, it is easy to forget that the greatest long-term power exists in the cell that maintains the body in its current state and quietly carries out its innate function. It is neither cancerous, nor wonderfully different.

It simply is.

There are more than two ways of changing the world.

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