Sunday, November 14, 2004

Pleasure: A Cup of Tea

Pick up a delicate fine-bone china teacup filled with the hot freshly boiled brew of tea leaves -- Darjeeling or Assam or your favorite black treasure.

First, lower your face, lips hovering just above the surface, allowing the subtle fragrant steam to wash over your skin, to bond with you and enter the pores. The warmth stands like a second skin.

Then, inhale the steam . . .

Fill your lungs with warm, soothing, vapor-drenched air.

Exhale slowly, in complete peace.

Put your lips to the edge of cup and linger. Feel its smoothness.

When the brew is no longer scalding but still hot enough to fill you with exultant living fire, take the first sip. Draw in and taste the light, life-affirming liquid.

You are home.

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