Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Great Flood

There is an empty spot inside all of us. Sometimes there is more than one.

The spot is like a tiny black hole. The nature of its vacuum is blacker than black, colder than cold, more hungry than a starving nation.

The spot-holes must all be filled, or you feel an empty heartache, ennui, a sense of waste, a lack of will to do anything with yourself, a loss of meaning, a general weakness of will.

If you do nothing about it, more "holes" develop, and with time you lose personal cohesiveness. Slowly, you diminish.

What to do?

Well, it's a bit of a trick to fill those empty spots.

It requires the Great Flood.

The Great Flood is an outpouring of life energy to generate a rising tide of selfhood.

What in the world does that mean?

Simple -- it is a redirection of energy.

Energy rises from your center to the outside, like a fountain, and fills in all empty spots of vacuum as it fills all of you.

Every hole is plugged. Every need is met. All hunger appeased. The fabric that is "you" is repaired and strengthened.

The life energy rushes outward like a supernova, brimming past the borders of your "self."

How to get that energy? Where does it come from?

One might say, "it comes out of nothing." It "comes" in answer to an effort you make to look for it.

Indeed, the moment you begin to wonder, to think of it, it is there, just welling at the edges of your being -- the life force.

So, go ahead . . . Invoke it and use it to make the Great Flood.

Then, Fill Yourself.

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