Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shoes and Purses and Pretty Rocks

Okay, why is it that women are supposed to love shoes and purses and shiny expensive trinkets? Seriously. Do you, if you’re a woman? I mean everyone loves a little bling, but do we pretend we love it more than we really do?

Also, is it the object itself that we are assumed to passionately crave, or what it represents? Status, prestige, beauty, youth, vigor, popularity, attractiveness, wealth . . . A little of everything?

Did women always love these things, throughout history? Or were we taught to love and covet them in order to put us in a certain delineated frame of being, to contain us, and keep us “occupied” and easily defined?

And, as times change, will these specific material objects of desire give way to some others, such as fancy smart phones and gadgets?

It seems, the objects we covet represent society’s current ideals.

What about our own true ideals? What do we really want?

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